We are entrepreneurs ourselves and
entrepreneurial thinking shapes our actions

We treat each transaction as if it were our own


Crossgate offers a wide range of transaction and sector-specific advice on significant mergers, acquisitions, debt advisory, cross-border transactions and funding rounds to corporations as well as family offices and financial investors, partnerships and other institutions. Our focus is on providing our clients impartial and insightful financial advice.

We advise clients on the optimal timing and structure of the transaction and through the entire process from idea to deal completion: preparation and documentation, valuation and financial modeling, identification and approach of investors, deal structuring, due diligence assistance and negotiation through to deal completion.

Crossgate leverages its global network of relationships with equity and debt investors to secure private investments for clients seeking alternatives to public market financing. Our growth equity professionals assist in attracting private growth capital at the best possible conditions. We have lasting relationships with many family offices, private equity and institutional investors, and a proven track record of successfully raising private capital. We provide unbiased, independent recommendations to all of our clients, be they companies, management teams, supervisory boards or large shareholders.



We advise target companies around the world, special board committees or selling shareholders. We operate at the heart of any process, assist in negotiations and give impartial and objective advice about the merits of bids received. Trusted professionals with long-standing relationships at home and overseas, Crossgate gives you access to investors around the world. We can help you find the right partners and the right valuations.

Crossgate’s professionals are carefully selecting a wide range of domestic and overseas targets. We know about local valuations and potential opportunities around the world, so we can facilitate transactions on a timely basis and avoid common pitfalls. Our relationships are trusted and long-lasting, so we can often approach investors personally and with discretion.



Crossgate is a trusted partner to provide assistance in early assessment of corporate and investment considerations. We specialize in challenging, unconventional situations that require exacting analytical, industry, and structuring expertise.

Crossgate provides innovative leadership on clients’ complex acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, spin-offs and shareholder relations. We deliver leading sell side and buy side mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advice to business owners, financial sponsors, management teams and boards of directors. We advise clients from the earliest stages of identifying an M&A opportunity to structuring, negotiating and arranging financing for even the most complex transactions. In addition, we have a deep understanding of the complexities involved in successfully completing cross-border transactions.



Crossgate offers a comprehensive range of complementary corporate finance services in addition to our primary focus on M&A and financing rounds. We offer an independent view on a large array of corporate financing topics, advise our clients on the complex issues of financial fairness in the context of mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and other transactions. We also help clients assess value in transaction and non-transaction situations where a fairness opinion may not be needed. Our services include company valuations, integrated financial modeling, equity funding for strategic growth and strategic partnerships like joint ventures.

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